Tuesday, August 18, 2009

From the Archives: Los Angeles

This is a little tribute to summer I never posted...

With the advent of finals each April, I start to salivate at the potential of summer. This year, while pining for the return of summer's buoyant, liberating relief from overcrowded lecture halls and long nights thumbing through tired books, I began giddily compiling a list of activities to complete. Standing on the cusp of four months of freedom and adventures untold is like holding a blank check in your hands. The world is your oyster...for four months. August, on the other hand, bears the exact opposite feeling. My summer cruise ship is slowly making its way back to port--a very morose, boring, academic port, I might add. So, to spruce up what's sure to be an otherwise-depressing August, I went to Disneyland.My last trip to Disneyland was over ten years ago. In that duration of time, the child in you could easily grow up, which would really be too bad. My return to Disneyland was pretty much everything I thought it would be, but I found that I did carry some baggage from my last trip circa 1998 when my dad took me on Splash Mountain. Let's just say the drop at the end was slightly unexpected. The picture was deemed "priceless" enough that they actually purchased the picture, which much to my chagrin, they gladly show to people upon request. I have hated that picture for years and this trip was my chance to avenge myself and show those blasted roller-coaster cameras who wasn't terrified to be there!